What you need to know to achieve a flawless glow.

Before you drop-in for your tan...


Exfoliate 12-24 hours prior to your spray tan 

Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products or in shower moisturizers


Avoid waxing, shaving or use of depilatory creams 24 hours prior to your session


Please have nails done before your appointment 

Can't exfoliate before?
We have you covered.


Pre-Sunless Body Buff eXmitt


Use eXmitt as an allover body-buff to cleanse and polish away dead skin cells, pH balance the skin, and replenish amino acid levels, which are vital for maximum sunless tanning results. 

Day of your tan appointment... 




Arrive with clean dry skin. That means no makeup. Also avoid lotions, creams, perfumes or deodorant. These products create a barrier on your skin and will effect the results of your tan. 


Wear dark loose fitting clothing and something to keep your hair up. Anything that you wear during your spray tan will get stained - we offer disposable underwear for your convenience.


Remove all jewelry or band-aids.


If it's raining, bring an umbrella.

After Session Care...


Do not get wet or sweat. This will cause your spray tan to run and look uneven.


Refrain from showering for as long as possible, ideally 24 hours.


If you must shower before the 24 hour mark, do a warm water rinse only.
Do not fear when the surface bronzer rinses off in the shower.

If you must shower before the 24 hour mark avoid shampooing

Hair products may make your tan appear streaky.

DO NOT use bar soap of any kind- it will strip the tan off of your skin.

We recommend the Norvell cleanser to all of our spray tan clients. 


DO NOT exfoliate your skin. 


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


Chlorine will cause fading of spray tan





For a guaranteed flawless tan, we recommend using the Norvell preparation and maintenance products.


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