Mermaid Scrub & Massage


Dive deep into relaxation with this mesmerizing treatment service inspired by the sea. Your pampering escape starts with a self-heating marine mud mask on your back and feet. This warms and bubbles while detoxifying and remineralizing these dry land areas. You'll feel like you're floating as you soak in the refreshing facial spritz while breathing in the relaxing ocean serum. Slip into ecstasy as a no rinse cream exfoliant is applied to the arms and legs gently removing “scaly “skin. This service is finished with a soothing full body massage using a unique blend of nourishing massage oils that leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

90 min | $200

Healing Hemp

This therapeutic massage features CBD pain relief cream. The strong pain fighting formula of the cannabidiol reaches deep through tissue to deliver relief directly to sore muscles and joints.

60min | $95, 90min | $125

Himalayan Salt Stone

Therapists rest warmed Himalayan salt stones on your back using Swedish massage techniques. During the course of the massage, the minerals are absorbed through the skin. The effect is a profound sense of well-being. This service also includes our new invigorating Sweet Tea foot scrub and nourishing Sweet Tea cream massage.

60min | $95, 90min | $125

Cloud 9

Enjoy warm moist heat on the back, cozy booties and uplifting aromatherapy oils as muscles are massaged in degrees of depth depending upon the need. 

60min | $80, 90min | $110

Indian Neck Stone

One of our most popular treatments. Warm native basalt and brown stones are strategically placed onto the body while the therapist uses the warm stones to massage away muscle tension and stress. Refreshing cool stones are used to relax the face and small heated stones are carefully placed between the toes to further compliment the journey. 

60min | $95, 90min | $125

Head, Neck, & Shoulders

Give your stiff neck and tight shoulders a break – you’ll feel better all over. This focused massage releases tension and restores comfort to this typically tense area. Makes a great add-on to a facial service!

45min | $65

Montowese Rain

This spirit lifting experience follows Native American customs by using natural oils and sage smudging to encourage positive energy and well-being. Relax and detoxify while pure therapeutic essential oils are cascaded along your back followed by a tension relieving massage. 

60min | $95, 90min | $125


A Hawaiian technique which entails long flowing strokes that combine the use of hands, forearms and elbows. This creates the feeling of many hands on the body. Relax on the heated table while being massaged with tropical aromatic oils that further enhance your state of relaxation. 

60min | $80, 90min | $110

Thai Herbal Ball

This is a Thailand treatment that includes an aromatherapy massage, gentle stretching along with warm herbal ball placement that will heal and soothe away sore achy muscles. Top it off with a stimulating scalp massage and you will feel refreshed and relaxed. 

60min | $95, 90min | $125


This service incorporates bamboo stalks of various lengths for a deep tissue massage. The bamboo are heated to help penetrate the muscles and your choice of essential oils are used to soothe away tension. 

60min | $90, 90min | $120


Need a reboot? Our exclusive Rainstorative Massage stimulates blood flow and circulation, reduces pain, increases mobility and promotes an overall sense of well-being. This top-rated spa service incorporates a pain relieving cooling agent complimented by a soothing warm cocoon like eucalyptus body wrap.

60min | $80, 90min | $110

Deep Therapeutic

Do you need to work out the knots and stress in your body? This massage will help loosen muscles, release toxins, increase circulation and work out the knots!
*Available in 30 minute session-great add on to any service! $65

60min | $85, 90min | $115


Relaxing long fluid strokes of varying depth and pressure to enhance circulation and overall relaxation.

30min | $55, 60min | $75, 90min | $105


This type of massage prepares the body for high performance activity by reducing recovery time from workouts and injuries. Helpful stretching exercises are also provided based on your specific needs.

60min | $95, 90min | $125


An extremely comforting massage which is specifically designed for the needs of expectant mothers. This massage will help to increase circulation and reduce swelling to increase comfort and positive mood.

Please call to book and reserve our pregnancy massage table. 203.483.0300

30min | $55, 60min | $75, 90min | $105


Depending on the needs of the teen and athlete or just in need of relieving stress, this massage will alleviate pain and discomfort.

45min | $65

Soleful Healing Foot Therapy

A relaxing foot massage with pressure points which releases toxins and soothes sore and tired feet. This treatment includes an application of a Honey Heel Glaze with warm booties which seals in moisture leaving your feet soft and supple.

30min | $50


A Swedish or deep tissue massage side by side with someone close to your heart.

60min | $150, Deep | $170

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Massage Add-On's
enhance your service with pampering extras

add-on when booking


Hot Stones $10


Cupping $10

Arnica $5
Biofreeze $5


CBD Balm $15

Honey Heel Glaze $10

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