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Salt therapy benefits the immune system, life balance and energy.

The Saltonstall Cave is a relaxation room built of Himalayan salt designed specifically to enjoy the amazing benefits of Halotherapy. The healing properties of dry crystal salts, when gently inhaled in the calm dim glow of a protective cave, can bring about incredible results.

Salt Therapy Sessions
45 minutes | $40 per person

30 minutes | $30 per person


Appointments Required

Our cave can accommodate 4-6 people per session.

You must be 18 be years or older to enter the Salt Cave.

Wear comfortable clothing & bring white socks. You will remain fully clothed for your session.


Blankets & Booties provided.

A doctors note is required for salt cave sessions if you are pregnant or hypertension.

Our Cave has been featured on ....


Yin Yoga


Salt Therapy

"Deep relaxation with so many extra benefits. I felt recharged for hours after my session.

— Mary, Instagram

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