Arrive early. Wear comfortable clothing and bring white socks.

Let us know if you have any health conditions prior to booking.


Hydrate before and after your session.

Full Moon Meditation, Gong Bath, & Halotherapy Session

The ultimate healing experience with Jennifer Greenwald

The full moon is a time to release and let go. As the moon begins to wan, it’s a perfect time to release old patterns that hold us back from realizing our real radiance. If you are ready to evolve towards your highest potential, it’s time to partake in the most ultimate healing experience you’ve ever known. Spend an hour in a therapeutic salt cave. Meditate with a powerful mantra. Renew with the primal vibrations of a gong bath.


This ultimate healing experience will put you in a state of utter relaxation and rejuvenation. Be ready for some major shifts after this experience.

$70 per person

Reservation and advance payment required. 
24 hour cancellation.

6:45 PM


Yin Yoga + Halotherapy

Dew drop in for a deeply relaxing Yin Yoga class in our Salt Cave that focuses on letting go of built up stress.


Experience an euphoric sense of peace and serenity while simply breathing in the healing Salt particles that travel​ into the deepest parts of your respiratory passages.


Beginners Welcome. No Experience Necessary.

$50 per person

Includes a semi private Yoga Class in the Salt Cave plus an extended 70 min "Saltvasana" Salt Therapy Session


Healing Session

Bodywork modulation using myofascial techniques and a passive positioning of the bones and joints intended to establish a more functional level of tone and movement reduces muscular skeleton pain and restores the balance between the nervous and

muscular-skeletal system.


This session includes salt therapy. 

Wear fitted yoga clothing or a swimsuit

60 mins | $120

Private Session

Group Psychic Readings with

Medium Lisa O'Connor

Private Readings. Up to 6 people.

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